ISSAP co-PIs chosen for Explorers Club 50; SQuARE results released as pre-print

We have two big pieces of news to announce!

First, ISSAP co-PIs Alice Gorman and Justin Walsh were both selected to be part of the Explorers Club 50 Class of 2024, recognizing “remarkable explorers changing the world and extending the meaning of exploration.” We are thrilled to be included in such an amazing group.

Second, the first results from our path-breaking Sampling Quadrangle Assemblages Research Experiment (SQuARE) on the ISS have been released as a pre-print. In this article, we analyze the data from two of the six sample locations – a workstation in the Node 2 module (Square 03), and the aft wall of the Node 3 module (Square 05, pictured). We carried out this study with help from Prof. Shawn Graham, Chantal Brousseau, and Salma Abdullah.

A photo of the aft wall of the Node 3 module on the ISS. The yellow dotted line shows the boundaries of Square 05.


Key takeaways:

  1. The workstation was rarely (if ever) used for its intended purpose of maintenance. It became a location primarily for the contingent storage of a wide variety of items instead.
  2. The wall, which had no designated function, became associated with body maintenance (cleaning oneself) because the facilities for this function on ISS are inadequate.

There’s much more in the article, but hopefully it will be clear that we have validated a new methodology for doing archaeology at a distance and shown how the social sciences can contribute new understandings of life in a space habitat that can be used to improve future crews’ well-being. More coming as we analyze the other four sample areas!